Ponybox Awareness Quiz

Ponybox is a game that is more complex than you may think. This quiz is for those who think they know their stuff. But do they? A true ponyboxer will be great at this quiz. Whereas a not so true one may not...

ARe you a GENIOUS PONYBOXER? do you have what it takes to take the ponybox test. Have a go and find out!!!! If you get a good score youll know how genious you really are.

Created by: Ratcliffe 4 Mayor

  1. How many people can be on ponybox at one time?
  2. how many times a day can you inappropiately post?
  3. how old is a horse when it retires
  4. what are the general forums?
  5. how old does you account have to be to have everything you can get on ponybox?
  6. what are moderators
  7. how old do have to be to get a ponybox acoount?
  8. who can report a player
  9. who created ponybox
  10. what is the item that goes for the most on ponybox

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