Politcal Stereotypes

Most people identify themselves politically by a party affiliation, but this is a quiz that is based on ideology rather than the hodgepodge platform of most polical parties.

This quiz is by no means all-encompassing. It simply categorizes people into one of the 5 ideologies, that they match up with most, that are basically stereotypes.

Created by: Matthew
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  1. Should citizens have the right to bear arms?
  2. Our country is at war with a state-sponsor of terrorism. How should the government handle this threat.
  3. How should education be handled?
  4. How should the economy be controlled?
  5. How should the state deal with what are considered to be "social vices"?
  6. Should the state institute a draft?
  7. Should there be a free media?
  8. Should there be a death penalty?
  9. Do you believe the nation should pursue an imperialist policy?
  10. Do you believe in welfare money?

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