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A place to talk about music. Music touches everybody's life in some way. No matter what the genre, no matter how old or new, just talk about your favourite artists and albums. It could be anything from the latest hits to golden oldies.

Seventeen and we got a dream to have a family A house and everything in between And then, oh, suddenly we turned twenty-three" From zombies to pirates to whatever else strikes you fancy, discuss it here.

Created by: DJ Cecilia of Virtual DJ
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  1. Name: Quinzella LaMorte Sex: Female Age: 17 Techno Weapon: the staff Personality: She is very soft and quiet. She is a pacifist and overall doesn’t enjoy violence, she can be quite emotional especially if shes asked to use her powers for violence. She's kind of airheaded. Abilities: Has the ability to see after images of future possibilities and on rare occasions has dreams of unfortunate possibilities. Ice elemental. Rank in city: ex-nobility
  2. Name: Ozul Heskaball Sex: Male Techno Weapon: A gun that looks like a revolver and shoots bolts Personality: A loner, indifferent to most people, abrasive, can be aggressive at times Abilities: He can sense when a disaster will befall and what kind but not where or how deadly, Lightning elemental Rank in city: Peasant
  3. Name: Andronika [no surname] Sex: Female Techno Weapon: Swords made of uranium Personality: Stubborn, Hot-Headed Abilities: Can see the past, Fire Elemental Rank in city: Peasant Other: She has a crush on Ozul
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