Phases of the moon quiz: Part 3, Eclipses

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The phases of the moon are a common thing you would notice in the sky. Eclipses are quite rare and there are two of them. There are Solar and Lunar eclipses.

How well do you know Solar and Lunar Eclipses? Find out by taking this wonderful quiz. I hope you enjoy it and score well. Good luck and enjoy.

Created by: Sphinx
  1. When would you see a Solar Eclipse?
  2. When would you see a Lunar Eclipse?
  3. How often does a Solar Eclipse happen?
  4. How often does a Lunar Eclipse happen?
  5. Would you see every eclipse (does not matter which type) if you stayed in the same part of the world.
  6. When was the last Solar Eclipse? (as of 20 January 2016)
  7. When was the last Lunar Eclipse?
  8. When will be the next Solar Eclipse?
  9. When will be the next Lunar eclipse?

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