Phases of the moon quiz

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The moon is something you would see at different times of the day depending on the different phases. There are # different phases of the moon.

The # is a number. I will not tell you what number it is, that is a question in this wonderful quiz. I hope you enjoy taking this wonderful quiz.

Created by: Sphinx
  1. What year did a full moon fall on Christmas day?
  2. When in 2015 was there a Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.
  3. When was there a Solar Eclipse in London, 2015?
  4. How many phases of the moon are there?
  5. When was there 2 new moons in January and March of the same year?
  6. When will there be 2 full moons in January and March of the same year.
  7. How many percent illuminated is a quarter moon?
  8. When would you see a Full Moon?

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