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well this quiz is about your personality.... thats all you need to know i have nothing else to say so im just going to write alot of random word for now on okay :)

jfoiwejoftwirhgoiwerhag9 wrjgm0awuiorghovwriugjowrjgfmvuaerhygaowirhgtuawhrngtouwerhjgfuioavhrwgharuighwuiarh4u89twarhfyw9ugth its okay if you dont know what i said... what i just said is i like patatoes:)

Created by: Nijah_moesha
  1. what do you do in your free time
  2. would you ever...
  3. would you cut yourself
  4. why would you spike someones drink
  5. whats your favorite color and why
  6. how do sharp things make you feel
  7. do you have friends
  8. whats your favorite drink?
  9. whats your favorite food
  10. which prank would you do...

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