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By answering simple True/False questions, our researchers will dig out your true personality, and present it to you with as much accuracy as possible.

If all else fails, we'll just read your mind. That always works, and it makes a precisely correct personality test. (^All of the above has been a joke for you literal people.)

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  1. For the purposes of this quiz, T = True and F = False. These are the only kinds of questions in this test!!! Enjoy!!!
  2. You love to meet new people.
  3. You are not afraid of talking in front of an audience.
  4. You have a huge social circle.
  5. You would rather spend time with one close friend than a bunch of people you don't know.
  6. You like to draw.
  7. You are a computer programmer, or web designer.
  8. You think about things in great detail before doing anything, even saying "Hi," to someone you've never met.
  9. You have trouble with lying, or making up stories sometimes.
  10. You cheat on board games often, or have done it more than seven times.
  11. Sometimes, the world overloads you, and you have to stop and plug your ears, before everything overloads you.
  12. You have a hard time telling people "No."
  13. You are an oldest sibling.
  14. Your favorite drink is tea.
  15. Your friend lied about you behind your back, you want to say something about it to them, but you freeze up, and pretend like nothing happened.
  16. On the radio, you prefer/like talk shows more than/as much as music.
  17. You enjoy very difficult mental puzzles (like Calculus, or philosophy questions that can never be answered)
  18. If you have/had a cellphone, you use it mainly for texting random people, and so you look cool.
  19. Your shirts all face the same way in the closet.
  20. You are very organized.
  21. You have some form of OCD.
  22. You have Aspergers Syndrome.
  23. If you are around people too much, you want to leave, or run away.
  24. If you are confined to a cabin for half a week in the beautiful Arkansas mountains, you get severe cabin fever, and wish desperately for a human companion.
  25. If people are dramatic, you just walk away.
  26. You have an organized room.

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