Personality Recruitment Test

To Whom This May Concern, I have been recieving tons of e-mails and resume's for this job inquiry. I have dealt with very smart employees that I have hired, but had very poor working habits and did not communicate well with others.

To get to know you more as well as if you will be suitable for the job. I pay $15.50 an hour. I hire full and part time. You will get you results promplty after you have taken the quiz.

Created by: Judy Dawson of
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  1. Look at the websites layout.
  2. What was the purpose of the site?
  3. What color was the layout?
  4. This will determine how attentive you are. Please go to After sign up (free) How many pages did the sign up consist of?
  5. After sign up close the site. What colors were incorporated into the banner to make it look alarming?
  6. Questions about your work habits: You have a week to complete an important task, however it is fairly simple to do. Do you complete the task:
  7. A rude customer, patient, or associate is giving you a hard time, you:
  8. The computer is down and you did not finish an important task, you:
  9. You have an appointment or important plans on a work day you notify me:
  10. You can't seem to find a document and I need it urgently, what do you do?

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