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now do you like the quiz.What did you do today.Take it all in.How do you feel? whats going through your mind? I LOVE SAYING RANDOM THINGS!taylor if your reading this, HELLO! XD

ok whats on that thing over there made no sense at all.its asking me if i am a genius.I AM NOT!thats an insault!lol! maybe i am going insane.AHHH!taylor if your reading this.i have gone insane.people taylor is my older sister.

Created by: katie of PersonalityQuiz
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How do u feel when its not your birthday and your at a party?
  2. do you like flowers?
  3. Emo and goths and punks are.....
  4. why did you take this test?
  5. Do u like the test?
  6. whats your favorite color out of theese....
  7. pick a symbol!
  8. gbnjklgzdbl
  9. b gfdhbyt
  10. in a rate to 1 to 10, how samrt are you?
  11. favorite music out of theese is.....
  12. hippies apeal to....

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