personality quiz

there are many personalities out their, well first, what is a personality? Well its who you are, how you act, what you do, its technicly who you are..

do you want to find your personality?! YES! well ill be glad to tell yah!!! its simple, easy, and exciting!!!just take this personality quiz and youll find out who you are!

Created by: ashley
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  1. your working on a science project do tommorow, your nowhere near done, your consetrating, then someone comes up and says something.
  2. your walking home from school, someone asked you out, but you want to say no.
  3. you find out your father and mother divorced, you?
  4. your freind throws your phone in the woods full of snakes.. you?
  5. your favorite music is?
  6. people judge you by your clothing, how do you react?
  7. your mate dumps
  8. you get invited to a react?
  9. someone pushes you in the hallway and knocks your book down... you?
  10. you would rather...

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