Percy Jackson Love Story-Percy Jackson

Well this is the part every fan of Percy Jackson has waited for with baited breath!! HIS QUEST! But the thing is, will he choose you...or Annabeth?

Percy Jackson must love you a lot. Does he love you enough to leave you here for your own safety? Or does he love you too much and want you along? Hmmmm....

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. Hello, faithful readers!!! I decided to yet again borrow an amazing idea of @natuhleegayle's and make a special! Also, there are TWO links for this part. First, for until question 7, and from 7 on, watch?v=Qq4tJWCVpyM. Another big thanks to her for finding it!!! Also, Aria, if by some off chance that you actually read this, let me just tell you how incredibly jubilant I am that you are awake! I've missed your sweet comments and amazing stories. Love you! ON, NOW!!!!
  2. (Lol, sorry, this is the night of your date with Luke. It's what Percy was doing. Then I'll got back to present day!) The next morning, after Poseidon claimed me as his son, Chiron moved me to Cabin 3. I really didnt have a problem with that at first- I wouldn't be missing out on Devin- who had been moved into Cabin 6 with all his new Athena brothers and sisters- or Violet's-who had been moved into Cabin 10 with her Aphrodite sisters, none of whom were as beautiful as her- company. They had been claimed. I had been at camp for a couple days, praying for a sign I was going to get claimed. Then I met Devin, who had been at Camp for a couple months already, and we prayed for something to happen...for us to be claimed. I personally hoped we would be claimed by the same god. And then we met Violet Wilde.
  3. I was thinking about Violet. Her sweet moves during CTF, how she saved me from Clarisse, got the flag from the Athena kids by just asking, everything that had happened. I was especially thinking about her hair. Her hair. It felt really weird, but all I could do was think about her hair, long, beautiful. How it shined in the sun. How she blew it Zeus-ward (That's skyward, mortals) when it got in her sparkling eyes, how she flipped it over her shoulder. I also thought uncontrollably about her expression when Devin and I got claimed. It was the moment we had been waiting for for days, and in Dev's case, months. I thought it would be this big, shining moment, when I finally find out my dad's identity. But I felt nothing but guilt. I looked immediately at her. I knew she had wanted someone other then Aphrodite the minute those cursed Ares jerks started teasing her. I needed to know if she was okay. She smiled at me, the marks of surprise still remaining on her face. I felt so relieved. And then Devin was claimed. This day was getting better and better. But I needed to know how she felt about that. Even though she had no idea, and Devin and I never said anything, she muttered how Athena would have been better for her. I searched her face for any sign of anger. I found nothing. And that's why I love her today.
  4. I love her because she's just so patient. She's funny, as I said above, patient, and she's understanding. Her perfectness is just an add on, with me. It's her personality that really gets me. She's just got to have been created in the gods view of perfect. She's nice, to everyone, smart to no end, she's a brutal fighter, but gentle when she needs to be. She's got a blow-me-out-of-the-water humor, a wicked sense of style. She can get the job done. And on top of it all, she is THE most beautiful, non-selfish, and un-shallow person I've ever met in my life. She's....she's got it all. And she still doesn't ,mind being friends with me. She could be the most popular rising star of the camp. But instead she decides to keep a low profile. She doesn't worry herself with things like new perfume, or the cutest skirt on the rack (Don't ask me how I know that) or anything like that. She's my best friend (Sorry, Devin.) And I know for a fact she's got other options.
  5. Devin isn't exactly what you would call 'subtle'. His emotions are constantly written all over his face like a billboard sign. I know how he feels: I'd have to be stupid not to. And I'm not sure how I feel about that. But I guess in the end, she'll have to make a decision. Personally, if she picks one of us, as long as she's am I. I suddenly heard a desperate knock at the door of Cabin 3. I jumped out of my trance....thinking about that one thing...that one trait that Vi had that I always needed from a person....when I got up and answered the door. It was Grover. He was shaking, and sweating, and his hairy goat knees were knocking together loudly. "Whoa! Holy Poseidon, Grover, what's going on?!" I cried. "Mr.D. He wants to kil-talk to you!" Grover responded in a high pitched voice, the one he used when he was nervous. I immediately grabbed my jacket off of the back of the nearest chair, and headed out of the Cabin after Grover.
  6. When we reached the Big House, judging by the angry look on Mr.D's face, and the grave, sad one on Chiron's, I knew what was about to happen would not be in my best interest. "Well, if it isn't Perseus Jackson!" Mr.D exclaimed with false happiness. It was all I could do not to glare at him. "Mr.D, your meeting?" Chiron chided. Mr.D rolled his eyes dramatically, then snapped his fingers and disappeared. "Percy, welcome. Sit down, please," Chiron says, gesturing to the chair next to his wheel-chair. I slowly walk over, not too enthused..."Percy, this matter is urgent," he says and I get a sinking feeling in my gut. "Percy....tell me...what do you think of camp?" asks Chiron. "Um..well, sometimes it gets a bit scary. How brutal people get when they fight..." I said, thinking it was best not to lie. Chiron, looking grave, said, "Well, you'll meet far worse, far better, before you're done." Curiosity got the better of me. "Done with what?" "Your quest, if you will accept it," he says, on the verge of spilling every detail. "My WHAT!?" "Your quest, Percy," Grover says, sounding on the verge of tears. "For what?!"
  7. "For Zeus' master bolt. You see, Percy, after coming back from a meeting of the gods, and having a fight with your father, Poseidon, he found the bolt missing. He blamed Poseidon immediately. But since gods can't take other gods symbols of power directly, Zeus believed your father used a demigod. But the only problem was, he didn't know which demigod he used. And now, Poseidon has claimed you." "So Zeus thinks....he thinks...I STOLE HIS.....Oh, Holy Poseidon....." I said, falling back into the chair. Chiron looked at me in pity. "And that, Percy, is why you need to find the bolt. Return it. Clear your name and your father's. It is the only way to avoid war." "WHOA! You didn't say anything about war!" I cried, suddenly sitting up forward.
  8. "Percy...You need to do this. You need to get the bolt back to Zeus by the summer solstice. Or there will be a war..." Chiron looked like he was dying just telling me this. "Okay...I'll try..." "Also, you are allowed to bring tow companions. Come back with the two in 1 hour. Hurry, Percy." Chiron then waved Grover and I out of the Big House. Grover turned to me. "Percy...I'll understand if you don't want me along. I'll understand if you wanna bring Devin or Dominic or Luke...." "Are you kidding? Or course I want you along!" I cried, not sure how I was gonna break this to Devin. You see, if I had Grover, and the other person I had in mind said yes....
  9. "Who else?" he asked, an my heart sank. I didn't know how he felt about her....I mean, I knew he liked her...but to what extent, I had no idea. "Hello, Seaweed Brain," said a female voice from my left. Suddenly, in a shift of sparkling air, Annabeth appeared. "Hey, Annabeth," said Grover calmly, as if people appeared out of thin air everyday. "How did you do that?!" I gasped, as she held up a Yankees cap. I nodded slowly. "So, I hear you've got a quest. I wanna come. I've been waiting forever for one to come along," she said, putting her cap in her back pocket. Shoot. "Yeah....Could you hold that thought?" Without waiting for a reply, I took off running.
  10. I reached Cabin 10 in no time. I bolted up the steps and pounded on the white wooded door. Pop music boomed out from the cabin as Rose Elliot, one of Violet's best friends, opened the door. She didn't see me immediately. She was looking over her shoulder, laughing. Everyone else saw me, and stopped laughing at once. Rose, shocked, turned and saw me, her large hazel eyes widening. "Violet isn't here..." she said slowly. How did she know that I was here for Vi? Was I THAT obvious? "Well do you know where she is?" I asked hastily. Rose nodded, and said, "The last time I saw her, she was fighting her heart out at the sword-fighting arena. She muttered something like "I can't wait to get far, FAR away from this stupid camp' before she made me and Silena leave." I nodded and thanked her before taking off again.
  11. When I reached the Arena, I thought she was Clarisse or Annabeth when I saw her, judging by the way she was hacking away with that sword. She pinned her opponent, who miraculously managed to escape,but not before she grabbed his sword and pinned him against the wall, one sword behind his neck the other in front. Huffing, they stared at each other, him in shock, for a moment before she removed the swords; he fainted. "Who's next?" She cried out angrily, as a couple kids moved as far away from her as possible. "Violet!" I called and ran over to her. "Percy?" She asked, breathing hard. My name seemed to hang in the air for a moment. The way she said it...made it seem so...perfect. Then the moment ended and I asked, "what are you doing?" Her face shut down. I could tell, pardon the expression, I was in dangerous waters. "Listen, Vi. I've been offered a quest." She raised an eyebrow. "Really?" "Yeah. I want you to come with me, if that's o-" "Definitely. If it gets me away from this cursed camp, you can count me in," she said darkly as she turned her sword back into the beaded bracelet. "Oh....okay..." She had to grin then. "Okay," she amended, "That, and I'll do anything to help my friend. I'm coming. When do we leave?" "As soon as you can change." She smiled briefly, and my heart fluttered. "Okay, Percy. I'll meet you at the Big House." She walked away, her hair swinging behind her. I was in shock, Cloud 9, if you will, for a moment, before Zeus came along and knocked me off.
  12. Well, hello, precious readers!! I hope you liked this!!! I'm sorry to make this so late, again, trouble with friends has gotten worse, but I pulled through and got this up for you!! Remember to stay tuned all this weekend for the first part of Don't You Hate High School? which will most likely be out on Sunday, late Saturday. I PROMISE. Thanks again to natuhleegayle for finding the songs despite how busy she is, and HogwartsLove, my best buddy, for being so supportive and offering to help with my problems!! She is too sweet!! And if you havent read her quiz, my advice to you is: READ. IT. NOW. If you don't read it now, you will die with your life incomplete.
  13. And again, remember to comment, rate, and feel free to email me with comments, questions, or suggestions about the series at calypso1315@gmail(.)com, not parentheses. Stay tuned for part 13 which will come out as soon as I can make my fingers able to type again!! I love you all!! Bye!!

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