Percy Jackson and the Snow Queen

Percy Jackson is a fan pleaser. I made a story about it on, Percy Jackson and the Snow Queen, and when I found out about these quizzes I couldn't resist.

Are YOU another CRAZY FAN of Percy Jackson? Well, if you are then you went on and found Percy Jackson and the Snow Queen, read it, then went to the author and found this quiz!

Created by: percyjackson
  1. What does Percy have, that makes him dream?
  2. At the end of the story, is Queen Angelica really queen?
  3. What was the cost of the REAL Snow Queen, not becoming Queen?
  4. Who came with Percy on his "quest"?
  5. What did Chiron do while Percy was away?
  6. What was the Angelica's real name?
  7. What was the prison Queen Angelica was being held?
  8. Where was Grover in this story?
  9. Did the REAL Snow Queen get crowned
  10. How many chapters are there? NOTE: DON'T CHEAT!
  11. What was the series being called after book 1? NOTE: DON'T CHEAT
  12. Does Larissa accept the task?

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