People call u ugly! How are u proving them wrong

People try to make u feel bad by calling u ugly but do u really need to listen to them? For all u know ,they just want to make u feel bad and they feel better. These people are selfish but all the same, be nice to such people.

Are u brave enough, kind enough? Take this test and find out whether you are pretty or not and if u are, how u are proving them wrong by being nice and more!

Created by: Flower.cutie
  1. Are u ugly
  2. Do u wear make -up?
  3. Are u taking care of yourself?
  4. What colour is your hair
  5. What is your favorite outfit?
  6. What is the color of your eyes
  7. Is your skin nice
  8. What is the color of your skin
  9. How is your figure
  10. What would u say next time someone calls you ugly?
  11. How long is your hair?
  12. Back to asking-how are your lips?
  13. Do u have young skin
  14. Do u smile
  15. Whats your best smile
  16. What is your best feature?
  17. What is your style

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