Are You An Obsessive Fan?

There are some people... That are obsessive. There are some that are not. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with either, its just personal preference.

Take the time now to decide which you are by taking this quiz! Its short, fun, and the loser who made this is pretty dumb and all the typos will make you feel good about yourself! What is there to lose?

Created by: Kraatt
  1. When you find a book/movie/whatever that you like what do you do?
  2. If your favorite book is being turned into a movie you.
  3. When someone in your class/office/street you park your shopping cart on starts trashing something you like you?
  4. You are sitting at the park when this guy walks past you and says you look like (insert character from book/movie/whatever here)you.
  5. You are waiting in line to get the newest book/movie/video game/whatever and right as you get to the door they sell out you.
  6. You know someone who is dressing up as your favorite fictional character for Halloween... So are you. You.
  7. There is a parody online of something you like you go online to check it out and find out that they're actually making fun of it you.
  8. You are reading this book/watching this movie/listening to this song/playing this game and you realize it is totally like your favorite book/movie/game/song you.
  9. You are taking this quiz and thinking about.
  10. Your friends find out you like (whatever your possible obsession is) and you.

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Quiz topic: Am I An Obsessive Fan?