Pearls before swine movie (fan made)

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you'll love this funny movie, it's fan made and based on the one and only pearls before swine books, so pay £5 to go in and see the movie itself!!!!!!

Now, are you sitting comfortably in your seat? thought so. Have you got sweets and coke? Of course you have! And now, as this is a fan made movie, here's the popcorn! Enjoy the movie quiz!

Created by: Conor hall

  1. What the heck are you doing? Uh me, oh I'm just ***********!
  2. Why excersize when you can read this funny graphic novel called ****** ****** *****?
  3. Hah, I need one **** of excersize every day so I can have a *** ****!
  4. Meanwhile in *** & ***'s house, "***, where the heck did my cheese sneakers go?"
  5. "Oh, they're in ** room pig, I needed to make more!"
  6. " pops, can you read me the story of ******* & the ***** ****?"
  7. "Sure son, me just need get it from ********!"
  8. "Ok dad, but hurry up, I should be ****** in five *******!"
  9. "Goodnight uncle *********!" "I love you my little *****!"
  10. The next day Larry went out to kill his ***** neighba, he would have zeeba for breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner and pudding, yum!
  11. But Larry learned an important lesson, keep your ****** close and your ******* closer!
  12. " so how did life go for those families?" " bad, they hardly ***** any time together and didn't act like friends or family!" "We'll maybe they'll do it next time!" THE ***!

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