Pawn Stars Trivia 2

There are many TV shows out there. Pawn Stars is one of them. It really is a great show. You should be watching it. It is great. You will learn a lot. Pawn shops are great.

Are you a pawn broker? Maybe you would like to watch Pawn Stars. It really is a great show. You should be watching it. It would be good for you. Good luck.

Created by: Serge

  1. During WWII, Japanese soldiers reportedly yelled what to provoke American troops?
  2. During WWII, the United Stated collected how much silver from uranium enrichment?
  3. Evel Knievel holds the world record for most bones broken. How many did he break?
  4. Guests at Disneyland are never more than 30 steps from
  5. How many 1990 Nintendo World Championship cartridges were made?
  6. How many bills does the U.S. print each day?
  7. How many men did the Apollo program eventually put on the moon?
  8. How many teeth can a shark expect to lose over its lifetime?
  9. In 1923, the Ottoman Empire reorganized as what country?
  10. In what year was the first bulletproof vest made?

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