Only people with a good sense of humor can get 100%

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do you have good humor? try out this quiz! full of funny jokes and questions! try your luck! and most importantly,get a good laugh! this is my first quiz. sorry if you dont like. all that matters is your happy!

do you have what it takes? its a mouth full of laughs and unexpected answers! try all the fun at this quiz! rate and comment so i can make a better quiz!

Created by: BACON HAIR
  1. what ended in 2020?
  2. whats american
  3. was the owners hair made out of pig?[this question is too easy)
  4. the answer is really big
  5. note to make this quicker: if you fail, it does not mean you are dumb.
  6. when was this question made?
  7. do you not not not not like this quiz?
  8. do you not not not not have i good sense of humor?
  9. whats the owners eman
  10. she liKes to Ask foR the maNager

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