Of Mice and Men (Make-up)

This is a comprehension test based on John Steinbeck's novella, "Of Mice and Men." I designed this test for my students as a "pre-test" before the final exam.

If you think you know basic comprehension information from this novella, you should have no trouble scoring high on this test. Enjoy the test and good luck!

Created by: Amy
  1. Where does this story take place?
  2. What did Lennie and George get from Murray and Ready's?
  3. What secrets does Curley's wife tell Lennie?
  4. What did George tell Lennie to do if he got in trouble?
  5. Who stayed in the barn with Curley's dead wife?
  6. What are the hallucinations Lennie has?
  7. What does the heron eat that signifies death?
  8. What game are the men playing while Lennie kills Curley's wife?
  9. Where does Curley want to shoot Lennie?
  10. Who's gun shot Lennie?
  11. Which was NOT a significant relationship described in this story?
  12. Who had the last line in the story?
  13. The story begins near the town of...
  14. What body part is Candy missing?
  15. What is Crooks' job on the farm?
  16. What is Candy's job on the farm?
  17. Who offered to help Slim "shoe" his horse?
  18. Who did Curley suspect his wife was having an affair with?
  19. Who took Carlson's luger?
  20. Which two conversations pieces did Lennie want to discuss before George was about to shoot him?
  21. Who read the letter that was in the magazine?
  22. What is Curley mostly good at?
  23. Who's dog had puppies?
  24. What did George want Lennie to say when they got to the ranch?
  25. How many puppies were drowned right after birth?
  26. Describe Curley's wife.
  27. What kind of worker was Candy?
  28. Why did Curley have vaseline on his hand under his glove?
  29. Who shot Candy's dog?
  30. Who had the final say in why Candy's dog would be shot?

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