oceanbreeze's Minimod Test

There are many people that want to be Minimods, but are you qualified to be a Minimod? There are mods on Howrse, but only special people can be Minimods. A minimod will have to solve problems and take charge and a leadership role, and see the club from a different point of view.

Are YOU a minimod? To you have the qualifications to be atleast Hired to be one? Until now you can only wonder. But thanks to oceanbreeze's Minimod Quiz you can find Out! So take this test, test your common sense and brainpower. Do you have what it takes?

Created by: oceanbreeze

  1. A player has signed up for the Club.
  2. Party Schedules:
  3. A player has posted something innapropriate in the club.
  4. A player does not understand the club.
  5. Someone has wrote something offending another player.
  6. True or False? The club was made with what original, now changed, rule?
  7. True or False: When did Dark River come out?
  8. Which breed are their a petition for?
  9. Which club is "rival"?
  10. Who are the leaders?

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