Nox Loremaster Quiz

Although playing Nox is important, knowing anything about its lore is also valuable. The lore of Nox is not as big as of some MMORPGs, but it is also interesting.

Do you think you know all? Let's see if you know something about Nox' history, inhabitatns, dangers, mysteries, and other interesting trivia.

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  1. What is the name of the saint worshipped in Galava?
  2. When were necromancers last seen before their return?
  3. Who entered the Gauntlet right before Jack?
  4. Where did Hecubah grow up?
  5. From which place do liches originate?
  6. Who is Morgan L.?
  7. Which paining was ̲n̲o̲t painted by urchins.
  8. Which component of the Staff of Oblivion is used as a power source?
  9. What is the Mystic Brotherhood?
  10. Which location is the closest to the place where was the Wierdling Beast kept?
  11. Which item was ̲n̲o̲t brought to the land of Nox from Earth?

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