Norse Mythology Quiz

This is a test on the subject of Norse Mythology, a subject of interest to many people. Are you one such person? Find out.

You are about to see how well you know this topic. Are you casually interested in Norse mythology, or deeply into it? Your quiz score will have the answer.

Created by: Taylor
  1. Who is the chief of the Norse Gods?
  2. Who are Loki's 3 children?
  3. Who is the leader of the Fire Giants?
  4. Who are Odin's parents?
  5. What is the realm created for humans called?
  6. Who is known as the "Silent God"?
  7. What is Thor's hammer called?
  8. What is Heimdall's horn called?
  9. What is the cord that binds Fenrir called?
  10. Who was the giant that was made out of ice?
  11. What was the great tree that held together all nine realms called?

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