HEYYYY! This Is the nickname generator for you by me! (OH BY THE WAY ONLY TAKE THIS IF YOUR A GIRL OR A GAY DUDE!!!)I actually like the nicknames... Hope you do toooo!

this is the nickname genarator quizzzz paragraph no.2. I do not want to write this second paragraph but i am anyway because I have to. Now I will sing you a song.... Lalala lala la!

Created by: BurnsunDieagain

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  1. How offten do you flirt???
  2. Do you like to DaNcE?
  3. What would you say your label is?
  4. What do you daydream about in class?
  5. Wich of these is closest to your motto?
  6. What do you enjoy to do? (most out of these choises?)
  7. Wich of these is closest to your txt signature??? :l
  8. Which of these animals is your fav???
  9. whats your typical everyday outfit? (hmmm)
  10. How do you greet ppl?
  11. What color reflects your personality??? (you think)
  12. This is the last Question!

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