nicki minaj lyrics

do you know your nicki minaj songs?!?!?!?! take this quiz to find out!!!!!! i love nicki minaj's music its awesome ...well thats my opinion i dont konw about you

ok.. so take my quiz and put lots of comments on ther and rate really hight like a 10 hope you like my quiz! lalalala lolollo lolalldayy hahah XD :)

Created by: Lolallday

  1. ok so im gonna give you some song lyrics and some song name choices and you pick the right name got it?
  2. "this one is for the boys with the boomin' system top down AC with the coolin' system"
  3. "and i will retire with the crown YES! no im not luck im blessed YES!"
  4. "ace my wrists-is then i p!ss on b!tches you can suck my d!snik if you take this j!zz is"
  5. "all these b!tches is my sons and imma go get some bibs for em a couple formulas little preetty lids on em if i had i d--- i would pull it out and p!ss on em"
  6. "lets go to the beach each lets go get away they say, wat they gonna say?"
  7. "gotta ro ro row gotta row ya boat its pink friday records and OVO"
  8. "he say im bad he prolly right he pressing me like buttons down on friday night"
  9. "oh no we dont play with silly girls all i know is the material girls"
  10. "shorty wanna llllllick me like a lolipop he lllllike the way i make punary pop"

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