Nice to Meet ya, I'm Luca :)

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This is my first quiz, introducing myself and saying "Hi" to everyone. I hope you dudes are doing fine and are having a great day, if not, I'm sorry :'(

Everyone stay positive and have good vibes! I am tired, but made an account so...I am so tired, I may be awake and asleep at the same time, LOL. Enjoy the quiz!

Created by: LucaCouffaine15

  1. Hi, GTQ users, my name is Luca and I am happy to meet you all.
  2. My hobbies are playing the guitar, rapping, making comics, watching anime, watching Miraculous, playing Sonic Games, and taking care of my bog, Ollie, and my Crested Gecko, Rex.
  3. My personality is playful, calm, kind, helpful, and thoughtful. Also, my gender is male.
  4. My favorite color is Sea Blue. What's yours? (Out of these)
  5. My favorite sports are Soccer and Football.
  6. I'm also a Sonic Fan and my favorite character is Espio.
  7. Also, I have a thing for tacos, XD
  8. My favorite movies are Spider Man Movies and the MHA Movies.
  9. My friends on GTQ are Sonic Tails Lf and Accalia 123. Hope you guys are doing well
  10. That's all I need to tell, have a good day and stay safe, bye guys! *Gives you Cookie*

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