New Mexico state quiz

If you can pronounce Tesuque and Pojoaque correctly, if you can greet your friends in English, Spanish, and Navajo, if your front yard is gravel instead of grass, you will probably do well on this test.

You don't have to be a genius to score well here, just a nerd and a trivia freak like me. There are a couple of sneaky questions here. Did you know that Lew Wallace was also a general in the Federal Army and fought at Shiloh? Too bad he got there so late, but his division acquitted themselves well.

Created by: clizisani

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  1. Gallup is colder in the winter than
  2. The number of Route 666 from Gallup to Shiprock has been changed to
  3. The "South Valley" is in
  4. Navajos speak almost the same language as
  5. Albuquerque is about how many miles from Flagstaff, AZ
  6. The state bird is
  7. Interstate 40 goes through all of these places except
  8. Lew Wallace, once governor of New Mexico, wrote which of these books?
  9. The state flower is
  10. New Mexico was admitted to the Union in
  11. The Rio Grande flows through all of these places except
  12. Billy the Kid is buried in
  13. Shiprock is approximately one and a half miles from the Four Corners Monument
  14. The oldest state capital in the USA is Santa Fe.
  15. During the Civil War, there was a battle in New Mexico

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