Nerissa's Quiz of Doom

So this quiz is about me! Some things I like, don't like, some favorites. You know, the usual! So come on, chicken let me see how well you know me! Are you sure you are ready for this? I don't think you can handle this...

Well I guess you are ready to step into the Quiz of Doom. Be careful, there are boobytraps along the way! Tread lightly....(hehe booby traps...hehehe)

Created by: Nerissa of My Myspace Page
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  1. What is my favorite movie?
  2. What is my favorite kind of automobile?
  3. What brand is pictured on my key lanyard?
  4. What year is the car that I drive?
  5. What kind of dog do I want to own?
  6. What is my favorite kind of underwear?
  7. What is my family's heritage?
  8. What kind of candy do I love the most?
  9. Which comedian makes me laugh the hardest?
  10. What symbol do I have tattooed to the back of my neck?

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