Naruto Villian Test

Do you ever fell like your a villain off of Naruto? Take my test and see which two evilist villain you are. The evilest or mid evil. This test decides.

In a couple of minutes you will see how evil you are. Are you the evilest? Or not so evil but strong. Please wait. Your results are loading. Enjoy your drink.

Created by: Wyatt

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  1. Haku was killed by?
  2. Haku tried to kill?
  3. Orochimaru cursed?
  4. Sasuke was cursed where?
  5. Haku was hired by who?
  6. Orochimaru is?
  7. Haku is?
  8. Kabuto is an accomplis with who?
  9. When Naruto first saw him he thought he was a girl. Who is he?
  10. Anko ran into who in the Forest of Death?

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