naruto ninja quiz

there are many ninja's, but only a few true shinobi's what's a shinobi you ask? a shinobi is a master of deception and disguise to be a master of this art you must learn to see through them as well as perform them!"

are you a shinobi? do you have the skill to qualify for that prestigious title? take his test to find out how you would fare in the wourld of ninja's

Created by: Grimm

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  1. which chakra nature do you posses?
  2. who is your sensei?
  3. you are given a mission for the first time in weeks how do you act?
  4. you were told to rendezvous with your comrades at the eastern gate at 6:00 a.m. sharp what time do you arrive?
  5. what gate are you at?
  6. your mission is to head to a prison located S.E. at 300 km away from the village, all of the shinobi prisoners escaped and killed the gaurds now they control the facility what pace do you race at?
  7. our squad is made up of Naruto, sasuke, kakashi, sakura, hinata, sye, and shino. what would be the best course of action?
  8. you scanned the area and found nothing out of the ordinary so the team moves on is getting dark so its time to make camp where should we camp out?
  9. dawn approaches the team gathers its not far to the prison now we better with caution. what formation should we choose?
  10. now arriving at the target destination using the same formation as earlier we get ambushed by ten enemy ninja's what do we do?
  11. after dealing with these enemy an unknown shinobi appears who go's by the name of Grimm, kakashi reveals that this enemy is stronger than the rest. a conversation takes place what do you say?
  12. hahahaahahah poof he vanishes in a cloud of smoke. we continue our mission, how should we deal with the prisoners?
  13. the mission is complete now its time to return to the hokage to give our report. who will speak for the group?

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