Naruto Character Quiz

Are You A True Naruto Fan? Do You Know Much About Naruto? Then Participate In This Amazing Naruto Character Trivia Quiz! And Remember That If You Don't Win, That's Fine...

This Quiz Is Something To Show Your Inner Smarts When It Comes To Naruto. Make Sure You Do Good Everyone! Good Luck...! And The Questions Are Not Only About The Characters...

Created by: Jay

  1. What Is Your Age?
  2. You Meet A Woman Who Says She's In Her 50's Who Is This Woman?
  3. You Meet A 12 Year Old & A Man In His 20's And They Say They Have Sharingan, Who Are They?
  4. You Find Out One One Of Your Team Members Are Missing You:
  5. You Find Your Team Member And Find Out Another Ninja Has Captured Him, You Say:
  6. You Defeat The Ninja And Tell Your Team Member:
  7. He Asked You Who We Will Go To. Who Do You Choose?
  8. You Find Out That Some Huge Boulders Block The Exit. You Use Your:
  9. You Meet A Guy With A Dog. Who Is He?
  10. You See A Guy With Striped On His Face, This Person Is:

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