name the theme song

there are many tv shows in the world but these you are quized on.packed with one different activity and lots of tv shows that you and I know. so sit down get comfortable and take this quiz!

are YOU really knowing the tv shows you watch or your child(ren).you may watch tv but a very important part is the theme song too. so name them and get them right and you are redy to go!

Created by: hale4456
  1. can you tell me how to get.... how to get to ........
  2. low rida is a little higha
  3. the saMe old thing we did last week
  4. everywere we look......................................
  5. who lives in a pineapple unde the sea
  6. find yhe missing song title,its our _
  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh......(instrumental)
  8. standing at the blank page before you. open up the dirty window
  9. when you go up down turn around talk about true romance
  10. nanananananana_________________

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