Name That Brand!

This is a brand quiz, some are hard, some are silly and some are just funny!! i hope you like it, some of them are common sense, some of them are blatantly obvious!!

So, lets see how you do on the quizz ehh :) if you do bad dont worry its actually probably a good thing cause it shows you dont watch too much TV! some of them are common sense so work it out!

Created by: Tom Almond of Toms Space
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  1. Just do it!
  2. You thought this was going to be easy? Gold standard eye correction
  3. Get on the bus
  4. Keep Skin Amazing
  5. The word one everyones lips
  6. not made from wheat made from oats instead - abix
  7. nourished hair, better colour
  8. you can save money with _______
  9. Finger Lickin Good
  10. because healthy babies are happy babys

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