Mystery Solvers 5

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Created by: magicmovement

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  1. "I love you" she says. Then she kisses you.
  2. Secretly you like her to.
  3. You arrive at her house and she is still kissing you.
  4. She takes your shirt off and hers. Then 5 seconds later your both are naked.
  5. The next day you wake up in Alex bed. You realize she is right next to you.
  6. What about Ross? Should i tell him or not? What if we break up?
  7. Your phone rings it's Ross.
  8. "Hello" you answer. "Hey,good morning!" he says. "Good morning" you say shaking. "I haven't heard from you in a while, where are you?" he ask. "At Alex's" you say. "Oh" he says. You look over your shoulder, Alex waking up. "I have to call you back." you say. "Ok bye" he says.
  9. "Who was that?" Alex ask. "It was Juilus." you lie. "What did he say?" she ask. "He just said good morning." you say.
  10. "Oh ok" she says. "Im sorry about last night, i just don't know what came over me." she says. "It ok" you say. But really it wasn't. "Im going to make breakfast" she says.
  11. You watch Alex as she gets up (she's naked). Alex has long black and brown hair. With a pair of light brown eyes. She's is skinny and has light brown skin.
  12. You heard her making eggs then you heard a loud boom. You put your long tee shirt on and run down stairs.
  13. You run down stairs and your shocked of what you see.
  14. See what happens to Alex in Mystery Solvers 6.

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