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Hi!!!! Vampirina here. I know you don't really have allies in There's no such thing as teaming in that game. It's everyone against everyone.

Despite that, there are a few slithers that I like, that I consider my allies. The slithers are the ones that I don't kill, and the ones I like. Are you one of my allies? One of my enemies? Or perhaps just there? Find out in my quiz series!

Created by: Vampirina

  1. I am making this quiz to tell you who my 'allies' in are. You have no true allies, so these are the names of the snakes I like and try not to kill.
  2. My nickname is always Vee. I have been on the leaderboard once, so I'm not the best at the game...
  3. Okay, allies now
  4. peaches
  5. Snake That Grows
  6. Blair
  7. Not aftad of MG
  8. Snakey McSnakeface
  9. Sn0w Dr@g0n
  10. HELLO
  11. Sunny
  12. I will update this quiz when I get more allies.

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