My shoutout quiz October 2015

This is a shoutout quiz. I have been here almost 1/2 a year so I decided to make this. I decided to put some effort into this and I made this because...

... I haven't made one in 2 months. So here it is. Enjoy. I hope you like it as I put a lot of effort and I want to be Experienced soon! Good luck!

Created by: Sphinx
  1. 1714, you are funny and nice.
  2. Crystal, you are interesting and nice to talk to.
  3. Dark, you are a sensible person and good at giving advice.
  4. Dream, you are nice to talk to.
  5. Paige (Dogsbuddy) You have a nice personality and you are funny.
  6. Paige (Paigequizzy) Although I don't know you much, you seem cool and good at roleplaying.
  7. Masky, you are funny and weird (In a good way)
  8. Mistyraindrops. You are cool and fun.
  9. I am Cool (Scarlett) I haven't talked to you much,. but you are cool and your username is awesome.
  10. Finally... Cody. You are a cool person who likes Tacos. Happy Taco Day.

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