My playlist 2016

Hello and welcome to my top 10 playlist 2016 I know the says My playlist 2016,but I wanted it a bit different. Some of these songs are 2016 some are 2015. So wacth you waiting for? take my quiz!

Do you like the same songs I like? Do you have the same taste of music I like? Until this quiz I made you could stop wondering, Life is short so what are you waiting for?

Created by: Dat_girl_

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  1. My 10th one is... Gold- Kirra
  2. My 9th is... Gangsta (From the suicide sqaud ablum)- Kelanie
  3. My 8th one is You don't own me (From the suicide sqaud ablum)- Grace ft. G Eazy
  4. My 7th one is- Let me love you- Dj snake (I think) ft. Mí˜ and Justin Beiber
  5. My 6th one is... Cold water - Major Lazer ft. Mí˜ and Justin Beiber
  6. My 5th one is Love me like you do (Fifty shades of grey)- Elie goulding
  7. My 4th one is.. Let me lo-o-o-ove you Ariana grende ft. Lil wayne
  8. My 3rd one is.. Close (Get it lol)- Nick Jonas ft Tove Lo
  9. My 2nd is... Closer- Chainsmokers ft Halsey
  10. AND MY FINALE ON IS... HEATHANS (From the suicide sqaud ablum)-21 Pilots
  11. Bye!!!!!!!!!!

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