My Personalized Birthday Quiz

What do you know about me? Are you smart or are you stupid when it comes to knowing me? Do your best cause you might get a prize if you do good! (that means you have to get quite a few right, just so you know... I'm talking to those of you who are kind of slow!)

Are you my friend or are you just here for the food? I mean maybe its worth just coming for the food but seriously, come on! Sorry got a little side tracked there. Anyways enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Myname

  1. What are my favorite colors?
  2. What are my favorite colors?
  3. What is my middle name?
  4. What is my brother's name?
  5. What are my favorite sports? (in order from first favorite to next favorite)
  6. What pet(s) have I had besides my dog?
  7. What is my soccer number
  8. How long have I been a vegetarian?
  9. My brother was on the varsity and the JV team last year for...
  10. I have a cabin in Osakis
  11. I have been to Cancun, Mexico
  12. I went to Fernbrook Elementary
  13. I collect toy...
  14. My favorite actresses are...
  15. At Dave and Buster's I won a giant ______ at the giant claw machine.
  16. When we bought my cabin the outside was painted...
  17. When is my actual Birthday?

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