My Little Pony Quiz

This is a simple quiz on the show my little pony a very nice show! Good Luck! And enjoy the My little pony quiz! Have lots of fun and do your absolute very best.

Are you a fan of my little pony? Is it like the show your obsessed with? Welll this quiz is definitely for you! Try it! Love it! Enjoy it! And most of all have fun

Created by: Chrissy

  1. Which pony works on the farm 'Sweet Apple Acres' ?
  2. Why did Twilight Sparkle have to leave Canterlot in Season 1 Ep1?
  3. How many shops has Rarity opened?
  4. Are You A fan of the show and how often do you watch?
  5. What Happens When Twilight Puts A Spell on The Doll She Didn't Want?
  6. Which Pony Went To The Wonderbolt Academy?
  7. Which Pony Eventually Overcomes their fear of singing in front of other ponies?
  8. They ponies say "Fluttershy is afraid of her own _________" Finish the sentence.
  9. Who made Twilight jealous when she had her 3 day 'Booksortcation' (Book sorting vacation)?
  10. Where do the ponies live??

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