My Little Pony: Is My OC a Mary Sue?

Simply enough, this is a test to see if your OC is a Mary Sue. My say isn't the final say, however. I encourage you to use other websites and tests to be sure your OC is clean. This test is also a for fun type of test, so take the results how you please.

I needed more space so this is fun. Tell me more about your OC if you find me online! I'd love to hear reasons for your OC being them and how to improve my own works.

Created by: MultiTrashBin

  1. Welcome to the quiz! Please answer truthfully for the best results! Now, what breed is your OC?
  2. What colors do your OC consist of mostly?
  3. What talent does your OC have? This is referring to their cutie mark.
  4. How are their relationship with the Mane Six?
  5. How powerful is your OC?
  6. How would you describe an average day for your OC?
  7. Are they royalty?
  8. Are they nice to people?
  9. Last one(yeah it's short), but if I were to put your OC in danger, what would they do?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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