MY Little Pony- Find Your Inner Pony

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In my quiz, you will discover who your inner pony is by answering a few simple questions. The choices you choice affect how much more of this or that pony you are. And remember there are oh-so many choices to choose from.

This is my first quiz and I'm ready to go if you are then start already! Let's see who you're inner pony is waiting to get out there and explore. So, whose YOUR little pony?

Created by: Ducky Momo
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Do You Like To Do For Fun?
  2. Favorite color
  3. A bully starts picking on your friend what would you do?
  4. A friend gives you a present what would you do.
  5. Pick one to be stuck in a room with.
  6. Favorite time of day.
  7. Favorite place
  8. Favorite Subject.
  9. Would you rather be?
  10. Favorite meal
  11. Did you enjoy my quiz and would like me to make another?
  12. Were you satisfied with the previous answers?
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