My life quiz (myself only)

This quiz is about my life. i think i have a really fun life laughs? I don't know if my life was good .Maybe it was. but this quiz may be good i don't really know

Why only 10 questions well my life is a long story. Yeah i did alot of good things but my life is just creepy!I hope its over all these bad stuff.Or it will never end.

Created by: ZeusChristopher of Good?
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  1. Did i get attack by a monster?
  2. How many times i bleed to death?
  3. Was i kidnapped ever?
  4. When was i born?
  5. Did i die before then came back to life?
  6. How many times i fell?
  7. Was i ever bitten by something really deadly before and died then came back to life again?
  8. Did i get really SICK before from a virus?
  9. Was i homeless before?
  10. Did i get to smart to dumb and to smart before?

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