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Hi everybody!! This is a quiz for my fantasy wedding I've been bugging you all about! Thanks to everyone who 'attends' my wedding! The quiz picture is the dress I'm wearing for the wedding. This is 11-24-14 and I will be Pyra Jennings at the beginning! I will include most aspects of my fantasies in this account. This quiz is just for fun so options and results are lazy, but worth reading. I was thinking of adding party-crashing death eaters, but "”considering Voldy is dead"” I decided better of it. Although there is a twist. I am too young to marry in real life, however I shall be 18 in this story. Please do NOT object to the fact that Dobby is alive in this story, along with Sirius Black, and Fred. I just hate that they had to die! Thanks all and wish me luck! 😂

Hi everybody!! This is a quiz for my fantasy wedding I've been bugging you all about! Thanks to everyone who 'attends' my wedding! The quiz picture is the dress I'm wearing for the wedding. This is 11-24-14 and I will be Pyra Jennings at the beginning! I will include most aspects of my fantasies in this account. This quiz is just for fun so options and results are lazy, but worth reading. I was thinking of adding party-crashing death eaters, but "”considering Voldy is dead"” I decided better of it. Although there is a twist. I am too young to marry in real life, however I shall be 18 in this story. Please do NOT object to the fact that Dobby is alive in this story, along with Sirius Black, and Fred. I just hate that they had to die! Thanks all and wish me luck! 😂 (Tears of joy)

Created by: Pyra Potter

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  2. "Pyra! Wake up!!!" Hermione shouted at me. "What? Hermione, it's 9 am, on a SATURDAY what is so important?!" I moaned as I flipped my pillow to cover my head. "Two things are so important! One, you're playing for the Quidditch World Cup and secondly, your wedding is after it!" She smiled. I sat up so quick at the mention of a wedding that my dark brown hair flipped into my face. I was so tired that I had forgotten that I was marrying Harry Potter today! I was so happy yet freaking out at the same time. I began to breathe heavily and fan myself with my hands. "Pyra, calm down! You'll be fine. You're just a bit nervous. I felt the same way when it was my wedding!" She assured me. I nodded and attempted to calm myself. "Can you get Ginny in here?" I asked Hermione. She nodded and ran off, her curly chestnut hair trailing after her. I closed the door to the Weasley's guest bedroom and dressed. I didn't choose anything too glamorous because I had to play Quidditch later. I settled on a red dress that was moderately loose, went to my knees, had long sleeves, and a U-neckline. I wore my black flats and put my hair in a fishtail braid. Afterwards I brushed my teeth. I finished all of this in the ten minutes it took Hermione to find Ginny. Hermione brought in the 17 year old ginger and left as quickly as she'd come. "Is this okay?" I worriedly asked her. "You look great!" Ginny told me. "Thanks, Gin. I'm just freaking out!" I told her as I wrung my hands. "Calm down, Pyra. He'll love you no matter what!" She assured me. "I know. That's one of the many things I love about Harry. Anyway I'm just nervous. How did you calm yourself down before your wedding with Dean?" I asked. "A tankard of Butterbeer!" She joked. "Hey, why didn't you invite me to your wedding?" I asked. "I did! You were there! You just drank WAY too much Firewhiskey," Ginny said as she rolled her brown eyes. "Oh, I remember now! Your brothers," I paused here and glared at the twins who were standing outside my door, "told me it was butterbeer!" I finished. Ginny laughed and ran Fred and George off by mentioning the amount of customers at their shop, "Weasley Wizard Wheezes.' I always thought it was a mouth full so I resorted to calling it 'The Weasley Joke Shop'"”even though the twins took offense occasionally. "Ginny, what's for breakfast?" I smiled as I smelled food I didn't recognize. "Anything you want actually! All the house-elves that like you and Harry came to cater for the day," Ginny smiled as she stood up. Everyone was mildly dressed up today! Hermione wore a purple blouse and black dress pants with black flats. Ginny wore a cream dress with a brown belt that made her red hair as vibrant as ever. Every man in the house wore black dress pants and some form of dress shirt; other than Ron who was offended about the lack of fuss that went into HIS wedding. Little did he know that Hermione had requested a simple day. I had tried to request a simple day, but the Weasleys would NOT hear of it. I followed Ginny into the kitchen and was astonished that even the house-elves had made their 'clothes' clean and white! Other than Dobby who bleached his pillowcase and wore a festive hat, colorful socks, and a black bow tie! "Nice job, Dobby!" I complimented. "I don't know anyone who could pull it off better!" Said a voice from behind me. "Harry!" I squealed as I turned to face my fiancé. I hugged him and he kissed me lightly"”not just because of the mistletoe that George grew above us. "Really, George? You're better than this," I joked once Harry released me as I pointed toward the plant on the ceiling. George didn't know whether to look hurt or complimented so nodded and looked at his empty plate. "Anybody have butterbeer?" I asked the elves. Winky, a house-elf I befriended in my fifth year, hopped toward me with a silver plate of butterbeer. "Thanks, Winky!" I smiled as I took one of the glasses. Harry pulled out a chair for me. Once he did Ron turned it into a festive arm chair. "Really guys! Don't make such a fuss!" I sighed as I turned the purple chair back to normal. Everyone laughed and went on-and-on about how a wedding deserved such a fuss. I rolled my eyes and sat down in the chair that Harry still had pulled out for me. He pushed my chair up to the table with little effort and sat to my right with Hermione on my left.
  3. "Where's Mrs. Weasley?" I asked as I sipped my drink. Ginny was right: it did calm my nerves. "De-gnoming the garden," Charlie, Ron's second oldest brother, told me. "Thank you, Charlie. I'll be back in a little bit," I smiled and stood from the large table. "Pyra! You can't help! You'll get yourself filthy!" Ginny objected. "A Quidditch player likes to get dirty every now and then. Plus, I love de-gnoming!" I smiled as I waved her off. Everyone chuckled at my remark and I left to find the huge garden. It didn't take long. The garden was basically three doors from the kitchen. I left the warm comfort of the Burrow to the cold November winds. "Hi, Mrs. Weasley!" I greeted her while yelling over the wind. "Pyra! Get back inside: you'll get yourself filthy!" She scolded me. "I don't mind Mrs. Wealsey! Really. I love de-gnoming anyway," I waved her off. "Alright sweetie. If you're sure. Grab a gnome!" Mrs. Weasley said in a defeated tone. I smiled and knelt to the nearest bush. There were two gnomes fighting over a blueberry. "Come here you ugly brute!" I whispered as I grabbed the larger of the two. He was a good three feet tall! I turned the ugly creature upside down and grabbed his left ankle. Ignoring the protests and foul words the gnome shouted, I spun the gnome around my head and released him. I sent him cursing confusedly as he flew over the stone wall. I continued to fling gnomes until they were all tossed into the next yard over. I threw about seven and had tiny hand prints all over my dress. "I told you you'd get filthy," Mrs. Weasley told me with a little sass in her voice. "Mrs. Weasley you seem to have forgotten I can use magic now," I said as I cleansed my dress. Mrs. Weasley had a dumbfounded look on her face and said she had forgotten. "Now you'd better get back inside. I'm sure that Harry is wondering where you are, you've been out here a good two hours," Mrs. Weasley explained. I nodded, thanked her, and went back inside as she brushed her hands on her apron. I walked back inside, my braid a tad haggard. "Well that was fun!" I commented as I sat back down. "You didn't even get dirty?" Ginny asked me. "I have this awesome thing, Ginny. It's called magic! I think everyone here has it, in fact!" I joked. "I swear we act such like muggles!" Ginny reprimanded herself. I nodded as I took a sip of my butterbeer. I sat it down quickly. "What's wrong?" Harry asked me. "Too cold, that's all. Incendio," I answered as I heated my drink. "Better?" Harry asked as I took a drink of the stimulating liquid. "Much," I answered as I sat the drink on the table. Harry tried to suppress a laugh as I looked up at him. "What's so funny may I ask?" I said. "Butterbeer mustache, hon," he answered. My hand immediately flew to my mouth. Sure enough I had foam across my lip. I wiped it off quickly with the napkin Kreacher gave me. "Thank you Kreacher," I said as I sat it down. There was a bit of an awkward silence. I laughed for no apparent reason causing everyone else to laugh. "What is so funny?" Harry asked me as he laughed for no reason. "I have no clue!" I answered in a higher voice than usual. The laughter died down after a couple minutes and I had tears in my eyes from laughing too hard. Suddenly the door of the kitchen was opened and in walked three people. Two gingers; Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. And Sirius Black. I didn't recognize him at first because his black hair was tamed, he was out in public"”he was still wanted in Azkaban, and I'd only seen him in dress clothes once before and it was in a picture. "Sirius?" I asked being the only one to have noticed them. Harry's head jerked once I mentioned his godfather. Sirius nodded and Harry and I stood at once. "Sirius!" He cried as he hugged his godfather. "How did you get here? You're still wanted in Azkaban!" I pointed out. "Molly came and got me. Passed me off as her dog. Now I have a question for you, Harry," he answered. Harry nodded at his godfather. "Why didn't you tell me you were getting married? And I took quite a shock hearing it was Pyra and NOT Ginny," he said. Ginny choked on her butterbeer as I looked to her. I was a little offended because it seemed that Sirius didn't think I was good enough for Harry, but knowing him it was just a playful jab. "Well, you've got a lot to catch up on so I'll be going," I said awkwardly. "Where you going, Pyra? Sirius was only joking!" Harry said defensively. "I know he was joking. I would've had to leave regardless: I'm nearly late for Quidditch!" I answered. "Well, let's go then!" Mr. Weasley said with a clap of his hands. "I'll see you before the match?" Harry asked. "Definitely," I answered and kissed him. He returned the kiss for a moment then I had to leave. "See you guys in about an hour!" I waved. Without waiting for an answer I ran upstairs to my bedroom and dressed for Quidditch. I laid out my wedding dress on my queen sized bed. I was playing for London owing that I was playing for Puddlemore united UK. I wore my blue Quidditch robes, put my hair in a ponytail, grabbed my Firebolt03 and disapparated to the Quidditch pitch.
  4. When I arrived the stands were already beginning to be filled, and my captain was furious with me. "Pyra, why are you late?! I should have NEVER put a girl on a team as rough as this one!" He shouted. "Wedding plans sir. I've been practicing all month, no need to worry about me," I answered. My Quidditch captain, Oliver Wood, nodded and apologized for his roughness. "Just because you're four years older than me, Oliver doesn't mean you're MUCH better than me," I joked. I had high hopes for the game: I had the fastest broom on the market, super fast reflexes, and excellent concentration. I was an excellent choice for Puddlemore chaser and Oliver knew that too. Oliver rolled his chocolate brown eyes and went over the game plan for the match. Basically, Cole and I were to take the quaffle from the other team, Ireland, get it to the half way point and pass the quaffle to Johnson Bones. I was great at keeping and stealing the quaffle, but I couldn't throw the quaffle into the hoops very well. The chasers nodded and sat quietly as Oliver went over the game plan for the beaters and the seeker. Once everyone had been told what to do it was nearly time for the match. I excused myself from the tent and met up with Harry. "Good luck Pyra! You'll do great. Just watch out for bludgers I'd hate for you to come to our wedding with a broken arm or something," he joked. I smiled and nodded. "Thanks, Harry. I was actually quite surprised when you didn't become a professional Quidditch player," I admitted. "After fighting Voldemort I realized I like helping people," he joked with a warm smile. I love that smile! It always melts my heart. "I love you, Harry," I admitted. I've told him that everyday since last year when he died. "I love you, too Pyra," he said and snogged me. I snogged him back until Oliver came to find me. "Eh-hem. Pyra, we have a game to play. You can kiss your fiancé later!" He joked. I blushed and released Harry. I waved to him and went back in the tent, my cheeks still a pale magenta. The commentator sounded very familiar as he announced the Irish team. "The Irish chasers: Aengus Africa-#8, Abbán Ailbhe-#12, and Berrach Caolán-#2! The Irish beaters: Brogan Clodagh-#75, and Ethna Fearchar-#42! Their keeper is #29 and her name is Fioná Kyran! Finally, the Irish seeker, #84, Ivor Jarlath!" He announced. I didn't see anyone but I heard cheering as Ivor was announced. He was the new Vicktor Krum if you asked me. "Now the London Quidditch team! Chasers: Number 43, Johnson Bones! Number 15, Cole Barthes! And number, 76 Pyra Jennings! Beaters: Number 4, Cardith Johaningsmier! And number 19, Hemijiah Florence! Their keeper, Number 7, Oliver Wood! And their seeker, number 99, Jordan Hector!" He announced with more applause. My entire team flew out of the tent once Oliver's name was announced since he was the captain. I found the commentator immediately; Lee Jordan. I smiled and searched to find Harry, Hermione, Padfoot, and the Weasleys. I found them with quite ease considering the Weasley hair stuck out rather amazingly. I scowled. Beside Harry sat Cho Chang, I've hated Cho since fourth year when she broke Harry's heart at the Yule Ball. Since fourth year Cho has stolen Harry from me, Ginny, and even his friends! My hatred for her was confirmed when she walked out on her date with Harry because Harry didn't want to talk about Cedric Diggory and he had to meet up with Hermione. The whistle signaling the start of the match brought me back down to earth.
  5. Cole intercepted the quaffle quite easily. He tossed the ball to Johnson and had it intercepted by Caolán. I raced after the chaser and stole the quaffle in a matter of three seconds. The match went rather well until London was in the lead with 70 points. I had just scored because both Cole and Johnson were blocked. It soared straight through the center hoop! I searched the stands for the Weasleys again. I gasped in horror and burst into tears once I found them. What I saw sent me into shock so I got hit with a bludger; my fiancé was snogging Cho Chang! A small part of me said that it was all a mistake, but the rest of me wanted to hurt something. No one even noticed that Harry Potter was passionately snogging a woman who WASN'T his fiancé! The bludger didn't affect me too much other than knocking me into the goal posts. It snapped my broom in half and I fell nearly fifty feet. Oliver called time and flew down to me. "Pyra, are you alright?" He asked. I shook my head and burst into tears. "You don't look hurt to me. Come on then!" He prompted me. "I'm more hurt than I look, Oliver. Look," I sobbed as I pointed to Harry. "Oh," he said in sympathy. "I can't play Oliver. I'll be too distracted. Get Jeremiah to play, he's almost as good as me. Besides, we're ahead by 50," I sobbed. Oliver nodded and stood up. He waved his hands at Lee. "Pyra Jennings is to be taken out of the game!" He said in a sad voice. I saw the Weasleys and Hermione immediately jump up to see what had happened, too focused on me to notice the still-snogging couple. Oliver helped me up and led me off the pitch while Cole grabbed my broken broom and followed. "Thanks, guys," I whispered as Hermione came into view. "What happened, Pyra?! You never forfeit Quidditch!" She said worriedly. "Come here," I told Hermione and led her to a clear view of Harry. "Something is wrong!" Hermione said horrified. "They've been locked together since point 70," I said in anger. "What happened?" Ginny asked. "Harry happened!" Hermione raged as Oliver and Cole went back to the match. "What did Harry do?" Ginny asked. "He's been snogging Cho Chang for three minutes!" I cried. "Snogging, how?" She asked. "You know how passionately you and Dean snog? Multiply that by three," Hermione answered. Ginny looked appalled and Ron looked enraged. He ran to get Harry and was back in a few minutes. Harry looked as if he had been interrupted during saving the world and Ron seemed as thought he were about to kill someone. "Remember me? Your fiancé?!" I said as I cried freely. "I don't have a fiancé. I love Cho," he told me calmly. "Here! I don't want it anymore," I sobbed as I gave him the diamond engagement ring he'd given me months earlier. Harry took it with gratitude and I broke down. "Thanks a lot, Potter!" I sobbed as I apparated to my room at the burrow. Ginny, Hermione, and Mrs. Weasley followed after me. They missed my breakdown and throwing my wedding dress into a black trunk. "Pyra, calm down. Everything will be alright," Mrs. Weasley told me as she patted my back. "No it won't! The love of my life just played me! He left me for an Asian slut!" I shouted as I choked back sobs.
  6. I cried for an hour before I drained out. By this time the World Cup was over (London won 375-154) and the Weasleys and Harry were home. "Mate, what was that about?!" I heard Ron shout. "What was what?" Harry asked in a spaced out voice. "Snogging Cho most of the match! She's not even the one you asked to marry you!" Ron shouted. "I haven't asked anyone to marry me!" Harry answered annoyed. I knew this from somewhere. "Hermione!" I shouted to her. My friend came bustling in a moment later. "Get my cauldron," I told her with an evil gleam in my eye. "Pyra, you can't poison him!" Hermione was appalled. I laughed at how wrong she was. "Just get it for me!" I pleaded. Hermione sighed and gathered my potion things. I thanked her and set to making a potion.
  7. {Harry's POV} I was being criticized for Merlin knows what! All of it relating to my non-existent fiancé! "How many times do I have to say it? I don't have a fiancé! I LOVE CHO!" I shouted to the room full of people who were giving me h***. Everyone shut up and stared at me in disgust. This frightened me because I've always been loved by the Weasleys. After a few minutes of butterbeer that Pyra girl came in. "I'm not your fiancé," I said with finality in my voice as she sat across from me. "I know. I was only joking. Jeez Harry, your such a buzzkill!" She smiled as she handed me a glass of butterbeer. I thought I saw her drop something in it but I passed it off as imagination. I took a gulp of butterbeer and felt as though I were seeing the world for the first time. "Pyra?" I asked the beautiful girl across from me. She smiled and nodded. I felt something in my pant's pocket. A diamond ring. Pyra had practically thrown it at me earlier and that was all I remembered other than the start of the match. "Hon, I believe this belongs to you," I said as I slipped the ring on her finger. She began to cry tears of joy as she ran around the large table. "You're back!" Pyra announced as she hugged me tight enough to wind me. "Where'd I go?" I asked as I caught my breath. "Do you not remember anything about the Quidditch match?" She asked me as she released her hug. I shook my head. "Basically you snogged Cho as if the world depended on it. That distracted me and I got taken down by a bludger in the match and forfeited due to lack of concentration," she explained with a pained smile on her face. "Lack of concentration?" I asked recalling the last time Pyra lost concentration in Quidditch. It was fifth year at Hogwarts and she ended up in the hospital wing for a month. "Well, could you concentrate on something knowing that the love of your life was snogging your enemy?!" She asked. I still had a confused look on my face so she went on, "It would be like you trying to cast a patronus charm while seeing me snog Malfoy." I nodded and looked at the clock. "Aren't we late?" I asked. "No, once I figured out you were full of love potion I owled everyone and bumped it back two hours. I had to borrow the all of the Hogwarts' owls," Pyra explained. I gladly nodded. I told Pyra to sit on my lap and she obliged. It was a nice feeling: knowing that your true love didn't hate you. "I love you, Pyra," I told her as I kissed her head. "I love you, too, Harry," Pyra told me as she put her head on my chest. We stayed that way for about an hour until we had to get ready.
  8. {My POV} "Harry, I've got to get ready. See you in a little bit!" I smiled and kissed him for a few moments. We stopped snogging after a bit of prodding on Hermione's part. "I'm coming! I'm coming!" I said as I followed the eager girls into my room. I shut the door to the lavender room and sat on the white dressed bed. "Where's your dress, honey?" Mrs. Weasley asked me. I felt my cheeks get hot. "Yeah, when I thought Harry had deserted me I tossed the thing in that box," I pointed at the black trunk. Mrs. Weasley rolled her green eyes and trotted to the trunk. The dress she pulled out was filthy! It was beige and patched with black in certain spots. I gasped and apologized to Mrs. Weasley and mentally cursed myself. "It's alright hon! You get showered and I'll fix this," she told me with a grin. I thanked her and walked to the washroom. After I had showered I stepped out of the washroom with my towel securely wrapped around me. I smiled at what stood before me: a near empty room containing only a mannequin in the perfect dress that I had purchased weeks earlier, a vanity full of makeup, and a couch. I dressed quickly. The white wedding dress fit me perfectly and felt softer than silk! "Gin!" I shouted out the door. Hermione cam bustling down the hallway into my room. "She's a bit busy. Dean showed up," Hermione explained. I nodded and asked if she could get Mrs. Weasley. She left while her hair followed in waves. I sat on the blue couch for a few moments. Hermione returned with Mrs. Weasley close behind. They entered the room and I smiled to myself. "Wow! I didn't know the dress fit THAT well!" Mrs. Weasley praised. "Guys, as much as I love the praise we have a half an hour before the wedding!" I announced. "Well if you hadn't spent most of the time crying and snogging we'd have more time!" Hermione joked as she pulled me from the couch and into the stool in front of the vanity. I rolled my moon blue eyes and smiled. Hermione tamed my frizzy dark brown hair into perfect ringlets and Mrs. Weasley did my makeup perfectly! We had five minutes to spare once they had finished. Although, I had begged Mrs. Weasley for no lipstick. I smiled and twirled my dress as I stood up. "Now help us with ours!" Ginny pleaded as she walked in. "Done snogging Dean?" I joked as I noticed a closet beside the vanity. Ginny scoffed and rolled her eyes. I pulled out a long sleeved, knee length purple dress for Hermione, a green mid-sleeved, floor length one for Mrs. Weasley, and a tea-length, mid-sleeved, topaz blue dress for Ginny. "Wow!" Ginny gasped in delight. All three women looked delightful and delighted by their dresses. I smiled at their expressions as I fixed their hair with magic. "Where is the wedding again?" Ginny asked for the fifth time. "The Quidditch pitch because we both love Quidditch and because we invited so many people!" I answered. "Who'd you invite?" Hermione answered. "All of our friends, family"”Harry even invited the Dursleys!"” all the house-elves, and the Hogwarts professors," I answered as I put my wand in a belt loop on my dress. "That doesn't sound like much," Mrs. Weasley said. "Our friends are pretty much anyone who fought and survived in the Battle for Hogwarts and their families," I said. "Now THAT sounds like a lot," Hermione admitted. I chuckled and noticed the time. "Oh Merlin, I'm late!" I shouted. "It's alright, we'll just apparate," Ginny told me. I nodded and joined hands with everyone in the room. "Ready?" I asked. Mrs. Weasley, Ginny, and Hermione nodded. 'Quidditch World Stadium,' I thought and turned on my heel. We stumbled at the gate a moment later.
  9. "Do I look alright?" I asked my friends. "As perfect as you did three seconds ago!" Hermione said. "@aadee!" I called to my friend as she arrived by apparition a moment later. "Hi, Pyra! Good luck!" She said and gave me a good luck hug. "Thanks for agreeing to come!" I told my friend. She nodded as Hermione and Ginny swept her away to where bridesmaids were to stand. My dad had died during the Battle at Hogwarts so Mr. Weasley escorted me down the aisle. He met me near the gate a minute before the music began. "Nervous?" He asked me. His red hair went well with a black suit. "Very," was my short reply. "Don't be. Ready?" He asked. I nodded and a smile spread across my freckled face. Mr. Weasley and I hooked arms as the piano began to play. We walked slowly down the aisle, being sure to keep a few feet of distance between ourselves and 12 year old flower girl, Gabrielle Delacour. I was happy to see Harry with a wider smile than me. I observed Ron at his side, his best man, with the Weasley twins behind him. Hermione was my maid of honor while Ginny, @aadee, and Fleur Delacour were my bridesmaids. This truly was the happiest day of my life. In the stands I saw a whole wall vacated for the jumbo-tron the rest of the stands were occupied from row one to three. I also saw Lee Jordan in the commentator's box. Mr. Weasley dropped me off at the end of the aisle by the end of 'here comes the bride.' I joined hands with Harry and got lost in his forest green eyes. Percy was our reverend, even though I'd had to explain to him what that was. Percy, Harry, and I had small microphones sewn into our clothes so our voices could be heard throughout the stadium. I had thought about suggesting the use of the 'sonarus' charm, but thought that holding a wand to your neck for an hour was rather pointless. "We are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony. If anyone objects to this marriage speak now or forever hold your peace," Percy's paused. No one spoke. "The bride and groom shall now trade vows. Harry," Percy said. "Pyra, I swear to Merlin to love you, be there for you, be your shoulder to cry on for as long as I live," Harry said as he gripped my hands. It was my turn. "Harry, people call you many things such as the-boy-who-lived and the chosen one. That doesn't matter to me. To me you are the-boy-who-cares. Harry, you're my chosen one, and I promise to do just the same," my voice echoed throughout the stadium. "Do you, Harry James Potter, take Pyra Katherine Jennings to be your lawfully wedded wife?" Percy asked as his voice boomed. "I do," Harry answered as he smiled that heart melting smile. "Do you, Pyra Katherine Jennings, take Harry James Potter to be your lawfully wedded husband?" "I do." "By the power vested in me, by the Ministry of Magic, I now pronounce"”" Percy was cut short by a metal rattling. Cho had crashed my wedding, and I was as angry as ever! "Stop! Harry you can't do this!" She pleaded. "Why not?" Harry asked sweetly. "She isn't right for you!" Cho shouted. "And you are?" I asked. Cho eagerly nodded. "Cho, I understand that no one is perfect. I haven't done many rude things to Harry since the day I met him. Unlike you, who snogged him because you missed your boyfriend. Also, I don't believe that we need to remind you who snuck him a love potion this morning," I sweetly finished. Harry agreed with me and instructed Percy to continue. "By the power vested in me, by the Ministry of Magic, I now pronounce you wizard and wife! You may now kiss the bride," Percy closed the book he was reading from. Harry leaned in. "Don't you dare, Jennings!" Cho shouted. "It's Potter now. And suck a truck Chang," I told her. Harry and I snogged for several seconds until Ron just had to ask. "Can we eat now?" Harry and I slowly broke apart and laughed once we did. "Hogwarts style feast?" I asked the house-elves. We had been on the jumbo-screen the entire time. They all nodded in unison and snapped their fingers. A Hogwarts' house table appeared from nowhere and sat itself down near the right hand side of the stadium. "Thanks!" Ron shouted as food appeared. The first person I saw run from the stands was chubby and had black hair along with a stupid look on his face as if he didn't understand anything. "Congratulation, Cousins!" He greeted us. "Who's this?" I asked Harry with a kind voice. "Oh, Pyra this is Dudley. Dudley, Pyra," he introduced us. We shook hands and sat at the table. I sat beside Harry and near Hermione and Ron. They were bickering in a loving way, once again. "Ronald, why did I hope that you make it through the whole wedding without asking for food? You barely made it through ours!" She scolded him. "I made it through this one! They were married I just interrupted snogging. They can do that anytime and it would have been a few minutes before they stopped," Ron defended himself. I gave a joyful scoff and laid against Harry's shoulder. "Pyra Potter? It suits you," he commented. "I guess it does," I said thoughtfully.
  10. "Where are you guys honeymooning to?" Fleur asked me. "Bill and I went to Germany for ours." "Did we ever even discuss what we would do after the wedding?" I asked my new husband. "Nope," he said proudly. "Where will we go?" I asked. "That's up to you. Where have you always wanted to go?" Harry answered. "Well, I have always wanted to ride a dragon. Perhaps we could go to Romania and have Charlie set us up?" I answered. Harry nodded. "Charlie! Can you get us a trip to Romania for six months?" He shouted down the table. "Course I can!" He replied. I felt someone staring at me as though they were trying to kill me. "Cho, you're welcome to the food," I told her as I turned to face her. This seemed to set her off for she took one last look at the new Potters, screamed, and ran from the stadium. "That was amusing!" I commented as I returned to the feast. "You know you really shouldn't have told her that," Fleur said. "That she was welcome to the food?" I asked. "No! That she can go suck a truck!" She said. "That was extremely polite compared to the cussing I was mentally giving her. Besides, I hate party crashers! Especially when the party is supposed to be the happiest day of their lives," I defended. "This isn't yours?" Harry asked me with a tinge of hurt in his voice. "Of course it is! And if I could go back and do this day again, I wouldn't change a thing," I said as I snogged Harry for a moment. I was visited a moment later by a tap on the shoulder. I whipped around and had to squint to see the man's face. "Mr. and Mrs. Dursley! So happy to see you!" I announced as I stood from the bench. "You can call us Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon," Petunia told me. "Well thank you! Harry, I thought you said they hated wizards and witches?" I asked as Harry joined me standing. "They used to. That stopped when I killed Voldemort," Harry said as he hugged his aunt and uncle. "Yes and when you were killed by Voldemort I cried for a few minutes and used my anger to help save Fred's a**," I told him. At this Fred toasted to me. "Cheers!" I joined and tipped my glass of Firewhiskey toward him. "Only a few minutes?" Vernon asked. "Must not love him very much." "I had to think of what Harry would do, Uncle Vernon, I knew he'd rather me cry later over just him than over many others. I cried little BECAUSE I love him very much," I answered. Harry nodded and entangled his hand in mine. I squeezed his hand tightly and sat back on the bench. Harry and I talked, laughed, snogged, and planned for the remainder of the ceremony. It truly was the best day of my life! Even Sirius congratulated us once Percy was gone. Percy would have told the current Minister for Magic at once if he'd seen Sirius anywhere. I tapped my wine glass with a spoon as I had seen Professor McGonnagle do in the previous years. "Can I have your attention? Thank you. I'd like to thank everyone who was gracious enough to attend our wedding today! I'd also like to thank my amazing new husband! And I'd especially like to thank the house-elves for their fantastic feast, as always! However, this being a day of thanks and celebration I would like to thank and celebrate the many warriors who fought on our side during the Battle of Hogwarts! I am afraid that the battle was taken place a year ago today. As for those who fought on our opposing side, may the souls of their dead rest in peace and the souls of their living change for the better. Also, if my comment to Chang offended anyone I apologize!" I said as I stood once more and tipped my goblet to the heavens. "Cheers!" The guests chorused. Harry snogged me instead, not that I objected.
  11. Thanks! What did you think? This was so fun for me to write! I've always imagined a wedding peaceful, as do most people, so I was glad to announce the slight Chang twist. Thanks all and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Also, @aadee, I told you that you'd be a bridesmaid! Sorry for my lack of activity but I am attempting to transfer my quizzes from Blahh45 to Pyra Potter. I hope you forgive me!

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