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This Short quiz will tell you your English level. For each question in the quiz, choose the right answer. Only 1 answer is correct and the other 3 are wrong.

After the quiz you'll find out if you are an Easy Learner or an English Master! if you want to improve your English please visit our website for a personalized English course.

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  1. Leonard is my neighbor. _____ is also my doctor.
  2. The weather is beautiful. _____ is a warm day.
  3. Which sentence is incorrect?
  4. Which of these sentences is incorrect?
  5. Julie doesn't have _____ at the moment.
  6. Which is incorrect?
  7. _____ enough money to buy a new car?
  8. Our English class _____ each Monday at 8:45am.
  9. In general, speaking a foreign language is _____ than writing it.
  10. Which of the options best expresses the sense of the following scenario: A police officer stopped David because he was driving 100 miles per hour in a 60mph zone. Luckily for David, the police officer only gave him a warning and did not issue a fine.

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