MLP Second Generation: Starling's Tale, Chapter 1

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So, to understand this story fully, you need to have seen the my little pony episodes, and watch the my little pony movie. You don't have to, but you'll under stand more.

Shoutouts go to ghettobabe4ever, who's always there for me, Lauren Faust, creator of MLP, and Sia, for inspiring songs, and being Songbird Serenade in the MLP movie. Inspiration of the day: If the day is dark, look for a rainbow.

Created by: Houndlover

  1. This is it, I finally going to school! Starling thought. Sure, she’d gone to school before, but this time, she was going to a fancy one. One where everyone was the sons and daughters of famous ponies.
  2. She’d heard a rumor, that the daughters and sons of the Mane 6, and Kings and Queens were coming. Of course she was going, being the daughter of Songbird Serenade and all.
  3. The huge, double doors, lined with pearls swung open. She turned around to see the court yard. A huge carriage drawn by pegasi landed. 4 ponies stepped out, all alicorns.
  4. The pony that stepped out first looked regal and graceful. She had her wings stretched out, and upward. She was white, with a dark blue flowing mane and tail. She had stunning green eyes, and had a cutie mark that looked like a sunrise. She wore a golden breast plate, with matching shoes and a crown.
  5. The only boy in the group was the tallest. He looked strong, brave, loyal, and courageous all in one. He too had his wings stretched out, and upward. He was a midnight blue in color, and his man and tail were black. He too, had stunning green eyes, with a cutie mark of a full moon. He wore black shoes on his hooves, with a matching black crown.
  6. The pony in the middle walked with confidence, however, her wings were folded in. She was also white, but at the tip of her wings faded into a lavender. Her mane had girls at the end, and was a purple and blue in color. On her head was a small blue crown, and she wore matching blue shoes. Her cutie mark was a snowflake.
  7. The last pony had her wings folded also. The way she tilted her head suggested that she was a good listener, and there was an intelligent gleam in her purple eyes. She was a lavender pony, but at the bottom of her hooves, it turned to yellow. Her mane was a navy blue, and she had straight hair and bangs. Her cutie mark was a shield with a star inside it. She also wore a golden crown with shoes.
  8. The warning bell rung in the distance. Oh, I’d better hurry to class! Starling thought. Class #1: Flying with Rainbow Dash. Ok, this will be fun, she thought as she hurried off to class.
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