Misleading Cheats

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Sometimes we are cheated without even knowing that we were cheated. Some things would likely mislead us into thinking that it is the right answer, but when you actually think about it, it would become clear that it was not. Remember that all things have a hidden side which are normally hidden for a purpose.

If you want to answer these questions correctly, don't think normally and instead take into account all of the possibilities which may mislead you but sometimes, you also need to think of it normally which in a way could also be the one misleading you.

Created by: KitsuneKuramu42

  1. What is the highest percentage of getting a 6 when you roll a die (note:singular for dice)?
  2. What is the highest percentage of getting a 0 when you roll a die?
  3. How many cards is there in a normal pack of playing cards?
  4. What are the chances of getting 4 kings in a row in a pack of cards in your first try?
  5. If you are me and I am you, then who are you?
  6. What is the last symbol in the order ♤♡◇♧◇♡♤♡◇♧◇♡♤?
  7. Can you see what's written here ********?
  8. Something big was placed in front of you, covering your field of vision. Will you be able to see what is through it?
  9. Are your head in the clouds?
  10. Which came first: the egg or the chicken?
  11. 123, 12_. What should be put on the _? (It is not 3)
  12. What is the highest chance to get the ace of spades in a pack of cards on your first try?

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