Millionaire Math!

I'm the best mathematician in my class, I hope you are too! Take this quiz to find out! Ummm, what else? oh, yeah, Good luck! Thank you very much for trying.

2,4,6,8, who do you appreciate? ME! I will tell you how good you are! this is not gibberish. If you like math, then have fun! YOU CAN DO IT!!! Come on, try!

Created by: Joman Dean

  1. "Use Order of Operations" What is 2x4+3-2?
  2. What is the value of "X" if a right triangle has a 3.2 cm side, and a 2 cm side?
  3. 0x0=?
  4. You have a car. The gas tank holds 50 liters of gasoline. If your mileage is 6.25 liters per mile, how far can you go?
  5. On a 24 hr clock, what does the hr. # 20 represent on a 12 hr. clock?
  6. If each ton is 10,000 pounds, how much is 499.2 tons in pounds (lbs)?
  7. How many questions have you completed WITH OUT SCROLLING UP!?
  8. You have 4 dollars and you take out a loan, you need 50 dollars. What is your loan?
  9. If you already have $1,000,000 and you win the lottery of 26,000,000,000 how much do you have? Wait, there's more, a friend asks for 3,000 and another asks for 100. together, they take 3,100 and together they pay back 2,000. How much money do you have now? Look at this: 1,000,000+26,000,000,000-3,100+2,000.
  10. do you like math? If so, answer this question.
  11. Are you done?
  12. 2+3-4x5/10x2+3=?

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