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This test ask questions you may not know the answer to, but thanks to MileyOnline you should be able to find ALL the answers whiten the site, so why don't you go study and come back and lets ace this thing!!

So you think YOU can pass this? Well lets test it, if not you might need to browse the pages of MileyOnline again to refresh your memory, now remember this isn't a real test! Have fun and share with your friends!!

Created by: Kate

  1. What month is Miley's b-day
  2. How tall is miley?
  3. What is Miley's YOUNGER sisters name?
  4. Which song did Miley write for her grandfather?
  5. When did Miley & Liam meet
  6. Which movie did Miley & Liam meet at?
  7. Who is the designer of Miley's engagement ring?
  8. What day was Miley proposed to?
  9. Who sis Miley date on the BOBW tour?
  10. In which 2003 Tim Burton film did Miley Cyrus appear in?
  11. Which one of Miley's co stars said this? "Boys are the biggest issue right now! They complicate things."

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