Miley Cyrus-7 Things

There are a lot of Miley Cyrus fans out there, but how many really knows her songs? Who are Miley fans? People who know or are fans of hers...........

Are you a Miley Cryrus fan? Do you know her songs? Here's a test to see if you know her song '7 Things" Know it? Well take this quiz and find out????

Created by: Prissy

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  1. What CD is '7 Things' On?
  2. Which Disney male star it was thought to be about?
  3. Fill in blanks. "But at times I get so____."
  4. What weather is she standing in?
  5. What is one of the 7 things she hates about him?
  6. What are his friends?
  7. 'What I need to hear now. Your sincere_______."
  8. "If you text it, I'll______it."
  9. What is one of the 7 things she likes?
  10. Do you like this song?

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