Megan & Liz Quiz

For fans of Megan and Liz from Youtube! These amazingly talented sisters, have many unique qualities, do you know some of them? Make sure you study up on the megan and liz fansite, so you can ace this quiz.

Do you know Megan and Liz? take this quiz and find out how much you know about them, as well as discover some interesting new facts :] You can learn more about them as well and their unique personalities.

Created by: Farah

  1. What song will you be buying on Itunes?
  2. What is Megan's middle name?
  3. Who usually writes to people on Myspace?
  4. What is Megan's favorite Twilight book?
  5. What is Megan's favorite Sport?
  6. What is Megan's favorite subject in school?
  7. What character did Megan play in the Wizard of Oz?
  8. What famous person recently watched Megan and Liz's video?
  9. What time does Liz get up for school?
  10. What is Liz's favorite Disney movie
  11. Who is Megan's favorite actress?
  12. When did Megan start playing guitar?
  13. How tall is Liz?
  14. What is Liz's favorite show?
  15. Who are Megan and Liz's inspirations?

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