Meet the Monster Part3: Come and Take my Hand

Evan Lewis Roberts is just a normal 17 year old boy living in the westside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Well.. If you looked past his taste in music, hairstyle, tattoos, peircings and language he's normal. But everything in Evan's life is going to take a sharp turn. A monster that lurks inside of him will be revealed, and true love may be picked up along the way. Join me as we find out who the real Evan Lewis Roberts is, and what his destiny holds.

Hey guys! I've been really quick with these quizzes hey? It's only been 2 days, and I've already made my 5th quiz! I would liketo thank everyone to has commented, and rated my quizzes. Thank you so much everyone :D KBlue

Created by: KBlue

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  1. My mum took my hand, and started leading me towards the bathroom. I quickly dug into my pocket, and got the earnings I had won from the fight out. I slipped them in a small, porcelain blue piggy bank-were we kept the extra money for Tommy's needs. She took no notice-as usual, completely focused o getting her baby cleaned up, me.
  2. She opened the door with her free hand, and drug me in. I was sat down onto the closed toilet, while she grabbed a hand towel, and ran it under warm water. "Evan, take your shirt off while I go get the bandages from the kitchen." she said. "mom.." I protested like any other teenager would. "Evan Lewis.." she started as she headed out of the door. I sighed and slowly took it off, feeling a sharp pain in my rib cage. I looked down, and saw that the whole left side of my bulging chest was black. I gazed out of the bathroom door and quickly down again. Whoa! Was all I could think. My muscles were nearly 10x their normal size. Of course I gasped, and forgot about my ribs.
  3. I stood upright, and took a step and turned so I could see myself in the mirror. I nearly jumped out of my skin. You could hardly see my skin behind all the gore on my face and neck-- but I was still recognizable. The only thing that stood out were my eyes. I squinted to be sure what I was seeing. They had changed from their normal blue-gray color, and were pure white, like little snowballs. I was so absorbed in my changes, that I never noticed my mom come in. She dropped the box of bandages, and a glass of water that I was suddenly craving for. It smashed on the floor, bits of it digging into my bulging leg. "Evan?" she asked in a soft whisper. I looked up at her. "I'm taking you to the hospital."
  4. Right when we both stepped into the ER, I was whisked away by a fat nurse to urgent care. It apparently was ALOT worse than we thought. I was sat upright on a wheeling hospital bed, and told to remove my piercings. I let out a huge sigh, and hesitated to remove them. I took the loop out of my left earlobe, the two hidden in the very top corner of my ear, my angel bites, and the three on my right brow. I know, a lot right? The nurse looked so annoyed with all of those little piercings in her hand. "ALL of them." she said. I sighed again and removed the one from my tongue, now done.
  5. SO, when that disastrous moment was done, they like at my rib cage, and decided that I needed a CAT scan. When they laid me down on the thingy that slides me into the scanner, I learned about small spaces, and how fun they are...
  6. Small spaces apparently aren't my thing.
  7. Once I was inside the scanner was when things took a wrong turn. My heart started pounding, and it became hard to breathe. I wrestled my arms from the straps that helped them stay close to the sides of my body. I did one of the dumbest things I've ever done- I stated banging on the interior of the scanner with my fists and screamed. "GET ME OUT!!" I screamed and pleaded. I felt like a caged animal in s cage that was to small. And I swear that I saw the walls shrink.
  8. I could hear the doctors panicking faintly outside of the scanner. My eyesight began to get blurry, and was getting covered by these odd black dots. I soon passed out.
  9. Well, I could say die since my heart stopped.
  10. Cliffhanger. Please rate and comment. Thank you for taking this quiz, and I'll see you next time in part 4: We'll Walk this World Together

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