Me and you in a room for 24 hours?? (Girls)

Hello! If we got stuck in a room for 24 hours, what would happen? Well this quiz may just give that away. BEFORE YOU TAKE THIS QUIZ, you MUST take the "Would I Date You?" quiz that I made.

Remember, it's just fun, so take it and enjoy, but don't take it too seriously! Maybe comment your results, and rate the quiz. Anyway, most important, enjoy it, as I put work into making this😄

Created by: scratchmaster

  1. This is the question that requires the "Would You Date Me?" Quiz. What score did you get?
  2. Are you more conservative or Liberal?
  3. Are you into Star Wars, superheroes, and other sci fi stuff?
  4. Do you like music?
  5. How do you act?
  6. What would you do if I randomly decided to kiss you? (I probably wouldn't 😂, this is for knowing you better lol)
  7. If we got into an intense argument, would you?
  8. If we were in a physical fight?
  9. Are you religious?
  10. Would you kick me in the balls?

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